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Jon Boden and the Remnant Kings

Pontardawe Arts Centre.18th February 2011
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The eerie and evocative sound from an antique Edison Phonograph opens the show. In fact, Edith and Eric (their given names), bookend the stage and make many stirring contributions throughout the show.

This was as Jon informed us the first gig in Wales for this band, why? Although the Principality has been treated to Jon within ‘Bellowhead’ and ‘Spiers and Boden’ he chose the Folk hotspot of Pontardawe to bring in the Remnant Kings.

The compact and cosy centre was treated to a sumptuous evening of music featuring Jon’s latest and acclaimed album ‘Songs From The Floodplain’. Thematically Jon ponders a possible future where the oil has run out. Filled with dark, thoughtful and melodic tunes it was my favourite album from 2009 and remains high on the playlist today.

Jon and the RK’s live renditioning is simply exquisite. This on its own would have made an excellent gig but in addition we are treated to an inspired Jon plus four concertina’s take on the ‘Hounds Of Love’ (by Kate Bush) plus numerous trad’ folk interpretations as well. The musicianship from the multi-instrumentalists is impressive. This is one show you will leave happy in the knowledge there are still talented musicians able to knock out some great tunes. Overall a highly engaging show.

And so the show ends as it began with the last word from Edith, or was it Eric!!!

Jon made himself accessible during the interval and the after show in a sing-a-long where he recorded a song for his ‘Folk Song a Day’ project…

Jon Boden will be joined by his longstanding musical partner John Spiers in the forthcoming gig in Arnold, I for one will be there…

Christopher Walsh

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Jon Boden and the Remnant Kings at Pontardawe Arts Centre. 18th February 2011

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